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Dog Days

…have arrived. 


Spencer Pote

Spencer Pote

Lazy Lynn

With Facebook and email, I’ve found I’ve neglected this site dreadfully.  Goodness, Lily’s and Hagrid’s babies are nine months old already and bounding through life across the US.  I’m off to North Carolina next week to puppysit and evaluate Luna and Jasper’s seven babies…and hoping to have little ones this winter.  Check us out on my Facebook page (Lynn Musgrave)

Lily and Hagrid’s Babies

Eight puppies on day eight…mom and babies are fabulous.


Lily and Hagrid were bred three weeks ago. We’ll know on Friday (though Lily is raiding the waste paper baskets and eating tissue…this has been part of her prenatal diet in the past ). Lily and Hagrid are both CHIC with OFA Good Hips. Stay tuned!

I HATE Changes!

Yikes.  I’m now officially an old lady, as MSN Spaces is dumping my site into Word Press.  This will be a construction zone for awhile as I figure out all the bells and whistles…or don’t figure them out, as the case may be.  In the meantime, keep us with us on Facebook!

Mug Shots

Lily and Took’s pups sporting their little snoods from Aunt Dede: